all about you

it is in human nature to crave for self-knowledge.

about me

we all come to this world as whole beings. but we are not always aware of this. the paradox lies in the fact that as we become “more aware” of ourselves, growing up and getting to know us, we slowly forget this integrity because of external influences on our lives.
and then, suddenly, something encourages us to go back to the quest for the wholeness.
and we start seeking around …
but the only thing we need to remember is that we already are whole.
in the same way as we can not see without a mirror where we have a trace of hot chocolate or cream on our upper lip, we feel them but we do not know exactly how far they reach, it is easier, through the help of a professional person who can mirror us, to understand our contours, our peculiarities, our forgotten shades and nuances.
it is my mission to follow you in the process of self-knowledge, whether you desire to fulfil a single wish or aim, or you just want to create clarity within yourself.
I can say freely that my whole life has been devoted to seeking answers. many of the schools, studies, processes, books, and mostly the experience of working on the consciousness and with remarkable people, lead me with no doubt on the path to pass on the acquired knowledge further. this is where I see and feel my fulfilment. I follow the client’s personal rhythm, vibration, need, curiosity … so wherever they may take us …

certified EMCC senior practitioner,  lifecoach (tt® coaching)
certified processor of techniques peat®, aspects®, dp4®

certified HBDI® practiotioner

personal growth workshops

unVEIL: values and identification clarification process in order to find coping and liberating mechanisms.

EGOGRAFIA: journey into the centre of the ego – what it is, what it is composed of and how it manifests itself. understand it to control it.

UNIVERSALAWS: natural laws applied to everyday life.

HUMAN TYPES: mastermind seminar about human typologies


experiential events based on arts: literature, writing, painting, acting, music… a path to get to know yourself and others, by setting intuitive and physical, creative and untamed yourself free through direct experience of arts.

creative and destructured actions are too often left out of our everyday lives. therefore, our full potential is limited and suffocated, while it often, though unconsciously, craves for expression.


individual personal growth paths delivered in one-to-one meetings.
development of the awareness of acquired behavioural patterns, obtaining clarity, solving concrete problems, reaching personal objectives. overcoming fears or stumbling blocks and above all making the wishes come true…
raising of awareness of improving the relationship with oneself and with the surrounding environment

coaching is a process that quietly but surely helps the client to come closer to him/herself. by expert guidance and intuitive inspiration, the coach is a mirror that provides clarity to the client’s interior world.