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human resources


knowledge sets free.

dot.’s mission stems from the intuitive awareness in all of us to act in the best way we know how.
given that our actions are often the result of our life experience, and our behavioural patterns are unforgivingly bound to both direct and indirect influences, dot. exists to offer you a choice.
an alternative, a different way, a world of possibilities.
when you come into contact with awareness and knowledge, this world opens up. and with it the realm of everybody’s efficiency, allowing each person to choose the solution which best fits a person’s way of thinking and values.
our long experience in the fields of consultancy and human resource development is now at your disposal. we are here to help you reach your full potential, your personal and professional excellence in full compliance with your time, rhythm and needs.
we are here to take care of your talents in every aspect of your work, and why not, life itself…
that’s all. dot.

organisational design

from the vision through the mission up to the meaningful objectives.

from competencies and motivational systems through performance management up to development of desired abilities.

from an effective selection and assessment through individual development plans up to independent and successful co-workers.

from human resource management through talent evaluation up to becoming a recognizable brand.

skills training seminars

training courses, workshops and events in which by means of experiential learning techniques and methods to manage everyday life within working environments are taught

effective communication
presentation skills
meeting skills
time management
team building & team work
creative problem solving
customer orientation
train-the-trainer programs
managing human resources & effective leadership
intercultural orientation
emotional intelligence
diversity, equity and inclusion

business & executive coaching

individual personal development paths and/or application of development of a specific skill delivered in one-to-one meetings with a certified coach.

the process crosses the awareness of acquired behavioural patterns, obtaining mental clarity, overcoming obstacles and concrete reaching of functional objectives.


our starting point in creating a variety of educational programs comes from over two decades dedicated to human resources development in various types of organizations across the world. inspired by the belief that effective business and productivity can only be achieved by acknowledging the fact that human resources are one of the key factors for success, we transfer our knowledge with enthusiasm. our team consists primarily of certified life coaches, entrepreneurs, experienced trainers and consultants in the field of all transferable skills. we help people and organizations who are looking for concrete changes, achieving goals and seeking to improve the quality of their own business. we are specialized in leadership, customer orientation and service culture, and creative and participatory leadership approach in organizations. our business leitmotiv is: focus on the adjective “human” potentials and bring back humanity to business.

our experiential learning programs include practical and dynamic experiential methodology, enabling each client to see the individual usefulness of the program content. we base our research and analysis on the analytical, objective, methodological and systematized collection of proven facts, thus giving organizations a quality diagnostic tool. we strive to keep improving in the field of coaching, motivation, communication and applied psychology.

certificates: emcc senior practitioner, icf coach, processor of peat/aspectics/dp4, HBDI practitioner, emotional intelligence